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Welcome!   Active CSBA members have access to a variety of on-line membership perks.   If you are an active member and have not received your login credentials or you simply forgot them, contact the webmaster and they will be emailed to you.   Visitors are welcome to explore the instructional guides.   Click HERE for information on becoming a CSBA member!user id


View your profile to check your membership status.   Dues are due one year from your last renewal date.   Active CSBA members may edit their profile to change or add information.


How it works!

Let's climb some family trees!   COUSINATOR generates a report of how you are related to other CSBA members and provides details on the relationships

Take a tour!

ANCESTOR CHART is an interactive web form which allows active CSBA members to display and maintain their genealogical information graphically in a free-format, high-level hierarchical family tree.   It serves as a convenient tool for displaying and sharing personal genealogical information.


View and manage photos with the PHOTO ARCHIVE .   This tool lets you upload photos and then associate them with people in the UGH family charts.   Once associated, photos will appear in that person's documentation page.   For people in a photo who are not in the family charts, record what you know in the comment section.   Comments are also useful for describing location and date of the photo, or for adding any story that you want associated with the photo.
Add photos to the archive.


View recent additions to the archive.
Search the archive.
By collection:      Photos grouped by their source.
By text string:       Search by text string, i.e. ant will retrieve Antonino, Anthony, etc. Use the % wildcard to enhance search, i.e. ant%e will retrieve Antonino Emmanuele, Antoinette, etc.
By person: To pull up all photos of a person, find the person in the family charts and click on that person's first name to bring up their documentation page.   Click on a photo to edit it in PHOTO ARCHIVE.


GEDCOM is a universal standard for moving data in and out of genealogical software.   There's no need to retype your data every time you get a new genealogy program - simply use GEDCOM to transfer the data.   Active CSBA members can use these tools to populate their ANCESTOR CHART with non-Usticese family or to load their favorite genealogy program with any data from the UGH family charts.

  Load your GEDCOM into the CSBA database.   Details please!

  Permanently deletes your GEDCOM from the CSBA database.

  Coming soon!