Computer Italian Language Course

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Posted by Fred Laurice(lla) on 24 MAY 2004 01:13:46

I frequently receive requests for a recommendation about computerized Italian language courses.ITALIAN NOW by Transparent Language is quite good, and I do recommend it.It's a multi-media course, with "moving pictures," voices pronouncing the words, buttons to slow it down and stop it, practice exercises, games, etc. etc.And I have purchased a number of "add ons" that can be played in conjun ction with the course.It progresses from fairly simple, everyday situations to more complex.But they have two additional products that I highly recommend.I keep "Word Ace" installed on my computer at all times.It's an Italian-English-Italian dictionary with verb conjuations and grammar rules that is much easier and faster to use than a book.The second additional program that I like very much is "Vocabulary Master" which is set up in a flash card idiom.It can be used from Italian to English, and from English to Italian.It has a pretty comprehensive list of words built in, but you can add additional words to it fairlyeasily.The main course is called Italian Now.They also have an abbreviated course called A+ Italian which also is quite good.If you want to explore any of these programs go to: and click on CD Rom Products, and if you have any trouble locating the items, let me know.

However, if you'd like to learn a little Italian, I woul d strongly urge taking at least a beginning class.The classroom is a much better place to be intruduced to the basic pronunciation, conjugations and grammar rules.Courses may be available through a university near you, but a more informal class through adult education or perhaps an Italian Cultural Society might serve you better.

For translating Italian text to English and English to Italia n go to SYSTRANET.COM and register (no charge).The machine translator is pretty good, if you keep your English input very simple.I keep Word Ace on my computer and use it to correct words that the translator has been too literal with.

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