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Posted by Carla Schenker on 14 JUN 2004 16:10:24

Dear Chris,
My sister and I have been searching Caezza's that come from Lipari. Our grandparents (Giuseppe Caezza and Angelia Maiuri) come from Lipari and later settled in Norwich, NY. The people that went to Ustica mostly came from Lipari. My grandfather said that any Caezza was our realatives.I have gone to your Ustica site and found our connection from Lipari to Ustica.
In your site yo u have a marriage of Giovani Cajezza, son of Giuseppe and Domenica S?arcazo and Nunzia Cafarella, daughter of Bartolo and Rosa Russo of Lipari.
In our findings in Lipari we have a birth of Joanne Grahius Caezza son of Josepho and Dominichella Marcazzo 1745. This Giovanni married Nunziata Cafarella.
I would like to know your comment on this family tie or if anybody on your message site has a ny input.
Thank you for your time.
Carla Schenker

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