Ship to New Orleans

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Posted by Lea Pritchett on 18 JUN 2004 18:42:09

I am trying to determine whether my actual family name is Sicari or Segari. They came from somewhere in Sicily between 1858 and 1863 and after arriving in New Orleans, followed the Gulf Coastline east, settling around Apalachicola, Florida, where they were fishermen. The anglicized name is Segree (See-Gree). One of them married a woman whose surname was Messina-- I think they arrived on the same ship.

I notice that Sicari is listed among the Ustica surnames, as is Messina. Perhaps my family was on the Elisabetta that sailed from Palermo in 1861.

Any ideas?


Lea Pritchett
(granddaughter of Vera Segree)

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