Looking for Francesca Gumina (Omner); and Salvatore and Anna La Greca on a Ship list.

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 06 JUL 2004 02:02:10

Loe: On the Genealogy Homepage surname index for the family charts of America, it appears that both Pauline Gumina and Pasquale La Greca were born in New Orleans. Pauline's mother was Francesca Ingargiola. Pauline's father, Antonino Gumina was a sailor and frequently came to New Orleans. His brother-in-law, Francesca's brother Christopher Ingargiola was a sailor also. The families were very close and lived near each other in N.O. I suggest you read the message from Stanley Najolia (Ingargiola) on the message page about Christopher coming frequently to N.O. in the 1850's and being in New Orleans preparing a house for his family in Ustica when the Civil War started. The story that I heard is that the 2 sister-in-laws, Antonino Gumina's wife, Francesca, and Christopher Ingargiola's wife, An na, were in Ustica and were aware that their husbands (I heard they worked on English ships) were docked in New Orleans. They decided to surprise them by coming to New Orleanns. Under the documentation section of the web page for Antonino Gumina, there are interesting facts, such as, his residence when he died was on the corner of Erato and Carondelet St. Also, check out the 1880 census which sho ws that Pauline was 14 yrs old and living in the household of her older sister Rosalia (my grandmother), age 21, and her husband Toney Bertucci, 23, and their 2 yr. old son, Toney, and her parents (her father Toney Oman age 49, her mother, Francis, 46, a son Toney, ll, and son Frank, 9.) If that is correct she was born in 1866 and we know that the Port of N.O. was closed from the Summer of 1861 t o the Summer of 1866 because of the Civil War. I have not found the two sister- in laws, Francesca and Anna on any ship lists from 1860-1872 and hope that someone else may have found them and shares it on this message board. There is always the possibility that a ship and its passenger list may be lost or not recorded, especially at that time. Pauline's father's parents were Antonino Gumina and B artolomea Tuccio, her mother's parents were Francesco Ingargiola and Rosalia Picone.
Pascal La Greca's documentation information is also on the America side of the genealogy homepage. His New Orleans Board of Health Birth record states his birth as 1868. His parents are Salvatore and Anna Bonano; it appears that one or both are not from Ustica originally.

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