Will look up Usticesi in 1870 San Jose, CA Census

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Posted by Gay Lyon on 11 AUG 2004 19:03:42

Here's a list of all the people who had "Italy" listed as birthplace, who were listed in the 1870 Census for San Jose, California.I'm not good enough at identifying Usticesi names (especially as garbled by the census-taker) to try to pick them out from the list, but if anyone thinks they recognize any of these people and would like me to transcribe the whole entry, let me know.Chris, tell me if you want any of these for the website.
If you're in a hurry, contact me by e-mail, because sometimes I forget to check for new messages on the board for while.

The list is alpha by last name, and consists of Name, Age in 1870, Presumed birth year, Race, and Gender.

Nicholas Assolino, 301839WhiteMale
Andrew Baroco, 301839WhiteMale
Rollo Bartolomeo, 211848Whi teMale
Charles Bastini, 401829WhiteMale
Ceffiro Bastonia, 351834WhiteMale
Edward Bocarte, 241845WhiteMale
Joseph Bocarte, 311838WhiteMale
Nuncio Boncivana, 501819WhiteMale
Philip Briggi, 231846WhiteMale
Joseph Brinni, 251844WhiteMale
Peter Bruchani, 211848WhiteMale
Lugi Cammini, 2718 42WhiteMale
Sophie Cammini, 311838WhiteFemale
Antonio Carboni, 211848WhiteMale
Frank Carboni, 381831WhiteMale
Joseph Carlori, 251844WhiteMale
Varney Carlori, 301839WhiteMale
Antonio Casa, 351834WhiteMale
Louisa Casa, 261843WhiteFemale
Joseph Chioggi, 361833WhiteMale
Louis Ciosi, 30 1839WhiteMale
Mary Ciosi, 261843WhiteFemale
Nicholas Congiato, 501819WhiteMale
Carlo Copali, 261843WhiteMale
Antonio Cornelio, 601809WhiteMale
Antonio Cortez, 231846WhiteMale
Joseph Dalmarceni, 221847WhiteMale
Guadalupe Damartini, 191850WhiteMale
John Davegio, 221847WhiteMale
Mary Da vegio, 191850WhiteFemale
Rosa Davegio, 201849WhiteFemale
Stephen Davegio, 451824WhiteMale
Lorenzo Davenci, 231846WhiteMale
Louis Dechendi, 401829WhiteMale
Gugeppi Degatavi, 291840WhiteMale
Joseph Delconte, 431826WhiteMale
Mark Delurpi, 311838WhiteMale
Joseph Desimone, 401829WhiteMale< br>Rosetta Desmoine, 701799WhiteFemale
Anna Doe, 301839WhiteFemale
Victor Eiste, 201849WhiteMale
August Farno, 281841WhiteMale
Louisa Ferera, 151854WhiteFemale
Mary Ferera, 331836WhiteFemale
Domingo Ferro, 451824WhiteMale
Joseph Fruelin, 241845WhiteMale
Joseph Garbotti, 301839WhiteMale
Louis Garbotti, 281841WhiteMale
Paul Giacamaggi, 261843WhiteMale
Michael Gichanni, 391830WhiteMale
Joseph Giovapino, 221847WhiteMale
Costa Gospipi, 311838WhiteMale
Joseph Grimanchi, 361833WhiteMale
Carmel Gubiotti, 571812WhiteMale
Joseph Jaacemo, 271842WhiteMale
Vesa Jaacemo, 311838Whi teFemale
Louis Jackeora, 271842WhiteMale
Warili Jackman, 241845WhiteMale
Antonio Lecava, 351834WhiteMale
Mariana Lecava, 351834WhiteFemale
Aloisius Magnata, 471822WhiteMale
Louise Mazcona, 201849WhiteFemale
Pedro Mazcona, 241845WhiteMale
Edward Menconi, 291840WhiteMale
Catherine Moledesti , 301839WhiteFemale
Joseph Moledesti, 481821WhiteMale
Pablo Molle, 471822WhiteMale
Joseph Monchard, 311838WhiteMale
Louisa Monchard, 201849WhiteFemale
Jackimo Monjeni, 291840WhiteMale
Frederick Mosquer, 301839WhiteMale
John Niguera, 271842WhiteMale
Bautiste Ortoli, 321837WhiteMale
Cespin Perionani, 421827WhiteMale
Joseph Perisemonie, 281841WhiteMale
Rosario Perisemonie, 261843WhiteFemale
Frank Peters, 301839WhiteMale
Benedict Piarde, 521817WhiteMale
Cesar Piatti, 431826WhiteMale
Joseph Picona, 411828WhiteMale
Rosalie Picona, 371832WhiteFemale
Frank Pozzo, 351834White Male
Joseph Rali, 351834WhiteMale
Joseph Ray, 211848WhiteMale
Antonio Rejo, 351834WhiteMale
Maria Rejo, 221847WhiteFemale
Jackimo Romani, 211848WhiteMale
Joseph Rosetti, 231846WhiteMale
Pedro Rovali, 221847WhiteMale
Jackimo Rovanio, 281841WhiteMale
Angela Russia, 351834WhiteFemal e
Francis Salenti, 401829WhiteMale
Florentine Salesarve, 191850WhiteMale
June Salesarve, 391830WhiteMale
Stephen Sanfonatti, 261843WhiteMale
Louis Santacharia, 261843WhiteMale
Natalis Savio, 481821WhiteMale
Constance Scala, 211848WhiteFemale
Francisco Scala, 301839WhiteMale
Philip Sedati , 301839WhiteMale
Louis Sega, 341835WhiteMale
Louis Segar, 351834WhiteMale
John Semeroni, 201849WhiteMale
Antoino Setembre, 461823WhiteMale
John Shutte, 361833WhiteMale
Antonio Sortiano, 341835WhiteMale
Julia Sortiano, 321837WhiteFemale
Fortenado Spalanca, 251844WhiteMale
Stephen S plivalo, 611808WhiteMale
Teresa Splivalo, 541815WhiteFemale
John Sprinett, 401829WhiteMale
Riata Steffana, 461823WhiteMale
Francisco Stein, 201849WhiteMale
Joseph Stein, 361833WhiteMale
Louis Stein, 291840WhiteMale
Francisco Tangi, 241845WhiteMale
William Touche, 241845WhiteMale
Lu igi Vale, 201849WhiteMale
Louis Vente, 341835WhiteMale
Clement Yocco, 441825WhiteMale
Joaquin Yocco, 481821WhiteMale
John Yocco, 291840WhiteMale
Bostian Zaffino, 361833WhiteMale
Joseph Zorconi, 301839WhiteMale

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