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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 25 OCT 2004 03:17:10

This photo was placed on this site Oct. 2004. This group photo of members of the St. Bartholomew Society was on the front of a postcard. Scroll to the bottom. If you can identify anyone please reply to Chris Caravella and furnish name of wife, parents and birth dates if known.
Obviously the cards were intended for relatives and friends in Ustica. On the front, in small print is written: "Ret urn this picture and money order for one dollar to TERMINAL STUDIO, 1102 Canal St. or SPANISH FORT STUDIO, New Orleans and we will mail you one dozen copies of same."PS. This postcard belonged to my grandfather, Antonino Bertucci, b. 1857, the last man seated on the right side, whose wife was Rosalia Gumina, b.1859. His parents were Antonino Bertucci b. abt. 1818 and Maria Conchetta Rando b. 18 21 in Ustica. He lived in New Orleans on Audubon St. between Willow and Plum St. where he sold five square blocks of land to Tulane University who wanted it to build Newcomb College on Broadway.
In Ustica, his family owned the wheat grinder (molino)used to make flour for bread and pasta. He told his children that his parents gave flour to the poor. The molino was exhibited in one of the first hotels built in Ustica and was seen by a relative who visited there in the l950's. Has anyone seen this antique molino during a visit to Ustica? We would like to know if it is still located there in the hotel. Would appreciate a reply.
Thank you, Marilyn Barbera

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