Is Francesco Tranchina in the Bertucci-Tesitore Wedding Picture

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Posted by Theresa {Bertucci} Brescher on 22 MAY 2002 14:51:37

New info from one of Francesco Tranchina's descendants may finally identify the Mr. Tranchina in the picture.

L-R BACK:Unknown Man; Unknown Woman; groom is Vincent Joseph Bertucci; Mr. Francesco Tranchina ? [Mr. Tranchina was the best man & Vincent's best friend]; Unknown Woman [possibly Fina Tessitore; likely the maid of honor]; Unknown Man; Unknown Woman.

Two names of women who are suppos ed to have been in the wedding are Kathelien Venezia and Josephine "Fina"

L-R FRONT: ring bearer is Carmello Tessitore; bride is
Beatrice Tessitore Bertucci; flower girl is Rosy Chetta (Chetta may be her married name; she later had twin daughters.

New info (indirectly) from Carmello Tessitore who was
about 8 years old in this picture.His father was
John "Johnny" T essitore, brother of the bride.

Per one of his descendants, theMr. Tranchina in this
photo, is Francesco Tranchina.Mr. Tranchina had a
gocery & also worked for the railroad; so did Vinc ent
Bertucci.Mr. Tranchina may also have been a cousin
because Vincent's father [Vincent] had an older sister
who married Salvadore Tranchina in Ustica.]

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