Reverend (Methodist) Anthony Palmisano

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Posted by JohnA.Maggiore on 09 JUL 2002 00:24:42

Rev.Anthony Palmisano was of paternalgrandmother RaphaellaPalmisano Maggiore (wife of Giuseppe).... His Church of the Redeemer was on Esplanade AV (nearConti) and building still stands .
If anyone hadrelatives, friends who attended this church or may have anything in print/artifacts which can be copiedI would appreciate hearing from you.
Uncle Tony had a bro ther Pasquale who was an accomplished musician and had a son Angelo who is listed inWho's Who of Musicians in America ...(played guitar and other string instruments)The family had a Wood & Coal yard ; uncle Pasquale was crippledsince childhood from jumping on wood piles and doctor did a poor job of setting his leg...

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