Angelo Biscotto / Alice Biscotto Labit

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Posted by Dwayne Judice on 28 JAN 2003 00:38:31

Thank you so much for the information posted throughout this website.I recently acquired a geneology that was being prepared by my great uncle, the late Lloyd Labit, a former treasurer of the society.He was married to Alice Biscotto, daughter of Angelo Biscotto, they say was an early member of the society.

While cleaning out the Labit attic after their passings, my mother, Sally Ducombs u ncovered the banner that I was pleased to see you celebrate on your website.So much, I wanted to keep that.I have this longing to gather all the belongings of my great grandfather, Angelo Biscotto.

I long to learn more about him, so whatever you guys can tell me about him or information you can send, I would greatly appreciate it.My showcase table pays tribute to him with his naturaliza tion papers, a ribbon for the San Bartolomeo Society (with metal fringe much like the banner), war ration bonds, a 1939 Sugar Bowl ticket and various tools he used in his shoe shop.

About eight yea rs ago, I attended an event of the society and met a few people from your group.I too would love to visit Ustica in my lifetime.My only regret is that I waited this long to learn more about Angelo and Camille.God bless Lloyd and Alice for preserving what they did.I greatly miss them both.

Dwayne Judice
La Famiglia Biscotto

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