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Posted by chris caravella on 01 SEP 2005 14:57:39

My family and I are all safe here in Houston.I just got here yesterday after riding out the storm north of N Orleans in Hammond, La.The conditions in Hammond were severe - no electricity, no cell phones, no gas or grocery stores open and sweltering heat.My parents, brother-in-law, niece and 3 dogs left for Houston to join my wife and kids and 2 sisters that live here.I will likely relocat e here for the interem as my work has offices here.It's still to soon to know those details.

My brother made it back to Kenner shortly after the storm passed and he remains there now.His neighborhood faired well with no water in the houses.My sister lives off of Metairie Road and remained because she is a nurse.Her house also had no water or wind damage.All of Jefferson parish is rec overing quickly however N Orleans is sheer disaster suffering mostly from the levee breaches and civil disorder from the large povert population that had no means of escape.St Bernard and Plaquemines parish are even worse off than N Orleans.No one has heard much from those areas because they are so inaccessible.I fear most of the dead will be from Chalemette and Violet.

My neighbor is dir ector of streets for N Orleans and he flew over our neighborhood in a helicopter this morning.My beautiful 100 year old house appears to have been spared from the wind damage but may have had as much as 2 feet of water.The water has receeded and the driveways are now exposed.I'll take that at this point considering most homes were completely under water.It will be some time before we are allowed to return and even then it will only be to collect what's left and leave again.I have literally the clothes on my back right now.We all thought we would be back in 3 days.Water and sewerage pose a huge problem because uprooted trees pulled up the water lines too.We'll probably have electricity before water.

I would love to hear from others in our community at this message board. Please be patient because most in Southeast Louisiana still have no access to the internet.

Thanks for you for your concern and support and God bless us all through these difficult times.

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