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Posted by Angelo Bertucci on 01 SEP 2005 16:54:59

Also check out www.nola.com.
Link - Forums + Chat See local section. It has chat room for these areas. Click on one of the areas. I clicked River Parishes thenWhen you get to that area I found random search takes to long,use Newspaper search and search by word.Ie: Harahan,St Rose,Bar None.
I typed in Bar None (Audrey Palmisano-Giardino lives in St Rose). I gotMsg # 7748.
Go to the River Parishes forum

7748. Back from ST.ROSE...
by springit, 8/31/05 19:26 ET
Some of my family members drove home to St.Rose today to check out our homes and they just returned to Baton Rouge with some GOOD news! Dianne Place, Bar None, and Preston Hollow did NOT flood! Only debris & wind damage...Some trees and a couple of fences are down...Several Entergy trucks w ere working around the parish but we still don't have electricity yet. We do have running water, however, it has to be boiled. That's all the news we have for now...Good Luck and God Bless!

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