update Sunday Sept 4 - I have Pat Ledet's cell number

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Posted by chris caravella on 04 SEP 2005 20:55:13

on September 04, 2005 at 20:55:13:

My brother in Kenner now has electricity and he was told the tap water may be back in 3 days.Jefferson Parish is making great progress and they will begin allowing homeowners back in tomorrow.Many feel this is premature but it will be a good test for when we are allowed to return to Orleans.They expect homeowners to leave again but I doubt many will.

There are great sattelite images at th e NOAA site.http://ngs.woc.noaa.gov
I can see that my roof is intact and the chimmney did not collapse.My fence is down and the pool is black meaning that it was inundated by the murky flood waters.A neighbor across the street made it back to his house last Thursday.The water came within 6 inches of entering his home so it appears that we will be spared any water damage to the interior .Unfortunately our AC and ductwork are under our raised house.I'm still anxious to be there in person.The images show that my parent's house near Lake Pontchartrain (Music St at Robt E Lee) has water to the roofline. They are devastated because they left their cats in the house.A neighbor across the street has a low garage and only the crest of the roofline appears to be above water.My parents said they were staying so I pray that they made it to the roof. It appears that there may be a hole in the roof.Let's hope that was a escape route.

The Times Picayune has some outstanding stories and images at www.nola.com .The office building that I work in next to the Superdome is in shreds.

I have tried calling Pat Ledet's cell several times but still cannot get a line.I sen t her a text message and later yesterday I received a call from Pat which I unfortunately missed. So it seems she is OK but I'l keep trying to talk to her in person.

We remain in Houston waiting on word from my company on where (and if) I will be asked to return.I will continue to be payed but it is still uncertain if they will accomodate everyone with living arrangements and work assigments. We need to get our kids back in school but it is very difficult to plan anything with so many uncertainties.

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