Anthony Spizale born NO (?) around 1900 or sooner

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Posted by Rosemary Richards on 20 SEP 2005 18:46:32

(1) We, in MN pray for all in Katrina's path.
(2) We are trying to find more about our grandfather, Anthony Spizale, who married my grandmother, Clara Kachritz,in MN,had two children, LaJune Mary and (1919) and Jack Burton. He had a sister, Annie, and an older brother who was in the shipping business(?)bananas. My grandfather and grandmother had a couple of small shrimp shack restaurants aro und Lake Ponchartrain and in town in the mid 1920's. They split up and my grandmother returned to MN with the children, Anthony was not heard of after the 1930's. Cannot find genealogy data on him. He was in vaudeville prior to getting married to my grandmother and sang with friend: last name Negri (?)Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

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