New Orleans Public Libraries Closed Due to Layoffs

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Posted by Larie Tedesco on 12 OCT 2005 21:10:07

This is part of an email Judy sent to me today, thought I would post it.

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 00:17:44 -0600
From: "W David Samuelsen"
Subject: Hot off press - NOPL closed, 197 employees let go.

Hot from Dick Eastman of EOGN, this very bad news of NOPL.

If you don't like the fact it's closed for forseeable future, give the
Mayor your piece of a mind. This is a severe blow to the Genealogy and
the NOVA.

Begin Quote....
In the September 16 daily edition of this newsletter, I wrote about the
New Orleans Public Library and described how that library had been
spared by hurricane Katrina. Damage to the library was minor and the
city's precious archives and the special collections department h oused
in the library's subbasement were undamaged. It looked like patrons
would soon have access to those materials again. However, another force
bigger than a hurricane has intervened: public officials.

197 New Orleans Public Library (NOPL) staff have been let go as part of
Mayor Ray Nagin's October 5 directive laying off 3,000 city employees
the wake of "financial c onstraints in the aftermath of Hurricane
Katrina."The remaining 19 New Orleans Public Library employees have
been retained as essential to the operation of city government.

The library and its branches will remain closed. There are no plans to
restore library services in New Orleans anytime in the near future.

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