Ustica lithographs - hurry!

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Posted by Bill Principe on 13 FEB 2004 19:00:14

▀▀▀Check eBay item 3704021849. It is a Giovanni DeSimone lithograph poster of the annual festival in the square at Ustica. I know nothing of Sr. DeSimone or his work, but this poster is actually quite attractive, and at $8.50 it seems to me to be a great way for us to celebrate our usticese heritage.
But you better HURRY. The auction is over Saturday, February 14 at noon Eastern time. This is an eBay "Dutch" auction, so there are 20 of these posters available.
By the way, the Ustica family spells the name DiSimone, so I do not think Giovanni is from Ustica. His web site at features work from all over Italy.

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