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Posted by Bob Spano on 09 DEC 2005 22:03:13

I have begun a project to explore the possible links between the many Spano lines around the world.There is an easy way that you can participate at no cost to you.Here is how it works.

The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation is building a DNA database that is freely available to everyone.They will send you a kit at no cost to submit your sample.It consists of a simple oral rinse.W hile your privacy is maintained, your ancestral line is entered in the database with your DNA markers.Anyone can take their own DNA markers and search the database for any matches.The search will give any close matches and the number of generations to find a possible common ancestor.

I have started a ˘SPANO÷ project and my DNA is listed there.My ancestors came from Lipari.I invite you t o add your DNA sample and ancestral line to the project.Below is the link to the Sorenson Foundation where you can learn more.

Please consider joining my project.Let me know what you think.


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