Museums of sicilian Emigration need information and photos

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Posted by Marcello Saija on 2 AUG 2007 5:5:42

Dear friends, of Sicilian Museum of Emigration. The Ellis Island Museum, NY has asked us to organize a big exhibit on Sicilian Emigration History and the derived communities. The big exhibit will be held from November 1st 2007 until February 3rd 2008, and the November 3rd 2007 will also take place a big conference at Ellis Island Museum on the same topic. of the exhibit to the history of your San Bartolomeo society in New Orleans. Would you like to help me in this purpose? panel the history of the society in 240 words (1/2 cartel) and some meaningful and oldest images. I would be interested, for instance, to use the picture of the banner posted on the ˘Banner Restoration Project÷ newsletter as well as others that you might find interesting (I am especially interested in the cover of your ˘Statuto÷ and the oldest image that you might have with old members).
as well as what you think is important for the text? find you interested in this project, and have some of you coming to the event.

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