Palmisano DNA testing

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Posted by Gloria Blair on 13 NOV 2007 8:59:44

NOTE: posted by Chris Caravella - please respond to Gloria via her email address also through dna. My Palmisano cousin has been tested at and we have no close matches. would it be possible for you to send information to Palmisano registrants regarding this possibility? Sicily a few years ago and traveled to my grandfather's birthplace, Montemaggiore Belsito. We were told to go to Termini Imerese to learn more about Palmisanos as that is where they all were. Unfortunately we did not have time to backtract to follow this lead. Augustino Palmisano, born circa 1840, Termini Imerese, shoemaker. date of death unknown died before 1869, Montemaggiore Belsito. One child, 1. Dominico Palmisano, born Feb. 9, 1866, Montemaggiore Belsito, died Feb. 1960, Houson, Texas. m. Rosa Gianfortune, born 1875, Palermo province, died 1950 Houston, Tex. 10 children. Dominic came through New Orleans in Jan. 1890 on the India. The Gianfortune's arrived a few years earlier, probably through New Orleans. after Carmela died and had one daughter, Grazia, born 1869, to have died young. certainty unless one goes and sits in the local church and sifts the records. Also, with the names repeating as they do the web is difficult to unravel. Perhaps all Palmisanos are related but most likely not. Only with dna can we make some of these connections. We know for sure that Dominic had no brothers. Maybe Augustino had brothers and maybe not. Anyway, that puts us back to the early 1800's with no where to go. the project coordinator of the sicily or Italy project would be a good source of information. I do recommend taking the 67 marker test as it is the best for accurate results

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