San Bartolomeo dream

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Posted by kpa on 13 NOV 2007 15:12:37

This summer around June, I had a dream. I was inside a small room, overlooking a city, with 2 person sitting on chairs, who appeared to be dead/sleeping, and one person without clothes on top of his body but the bottom part was covered with cloth (just like the picture of St. Bartholomew in your website), also appeared to be dead/sleeping. Suddenly I saw a ball of fire coming to our direction. I picked up a cross, and the fire burned it. After that I touched all the dead people with the burning cross and all of them woke up. The man who didn't wear cloth came to me and shake my hand. He said, "I am San Bartolomeo". I am Catholic, but I don't really know St. Bartholomew, and I didn't speak Italian. Does anybody know what is the meaning of this dream and do I have to do something? Thank you for your help.

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