Maria's Cookbook is here!

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 19 DEC 2007 14:45:10

Maria Compagno recently realized a life dream by having the recipes of her renowned cooking published in a cookbook named, "Maria Bertucci Compagno's Sicilian-Style Cooking From Ustica to New Orleans". Family restaurant on St Charles Av for 30 years and is iconic for her great food and vivacious charm. Maria, a native of Ustica, was able to harmoniously combine native Sicilian cuisine with local tastes, as perfectly expressed in the sign that hung at Compagno's - Italian, Seafood, Creole. For some Usticesi-Americans, like myself, that never grew up under the influence of an Italian mother or grandmother, the book fills a huge void by providing a credible link, through cooking, to a great part of our Sicilian heritage. My copy already has grease stains on the cover and I can't imagine a more glowing endorsement than that. sell them through word of mouth. I am proud to be able to offer them to our greater Usticesi-American community. The cost of the book is $21.95 plus shipping and applicable tax. If you are interested, please send me an email to reserve a copy and to get more details.

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