Ustica sinking into the sea!

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Posted by Bill Principe on 26 FEB 2008 19:10:10

The following article appeared in the New York Times on May 6, 1906. To borrow from Mark Twain, the reports of Ustica's sinking were greatly exaggerated. As for the the accuracy of rest of the article, I will let the reader judge for himself. the volcanic disturbances which have been going on in Southern Italy is the threatened disappearance of the island of Ustica, situated about sixty-seven kilometers from Palermo, Sicily. Ustica is not only of volcanic formation, but is believed to be the summit of a submarine volcano, the crater of which is far down in the depths of the Mediterranean. square kilometers in area and supports a rural and piscatorial population of about 2000, 90 per cent of whom are resident prisoners. That is, they are Italian criminals who are sequestered on the island, where thay may do as they please, under certain restrictions, so long as they do not change their residence.
last mail advices the water had already mounted 35 feet on the shores--the Italian goverment sent the steamer Napoli to remove the inhabitants.--New York Times May 6 1906

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