pre-Ustica family searches

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Posted by StanNajolia ( Ingargiola ) on 17 MAY 2008 14:15:23

If you are searching for your family's roots before it arrived on Ustica, there is an excellent free site available... After using to trace back my family's settlement on Ustica in the 1760s, I took this info and applied it to "", maintained by the Church of Latter Day Saints... I have done one search of my father's mother's family to the year 1569 using this site and will be doing other family branches too...From the site's home page, click on the "Search" tab and on the Search page enter whatever info you have, even if just a last name... Scroll down to the "Southwest Europe" list... The same person is entered multiple times for some reason... Bring up that name as many times as listed and click on "Family" to find the person's parents and children... You may have to do this repeatedly before finding this info...Example, one of the names I searched was listed 5 times in a row ( same person ) but only 1 of the 5 entries carried the names of his parents and his children ...This process can take a few extra minutes but the information that it unlocks leads to more names found and is well worth it... The site is free, and by using the Search page, you do not have to register to get most of the info you want...With the great info from, I was able to take an ancestor whose info ended in 1749, apply his name/date to FamilySearch and trace his ancestors to 1569... If you are not already aware of this site and enjoy genealogy, hopefully it can be of help to you too ....Stan

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