pre-Ustica records

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Posted by Shirley BARBARA Nichols on 6 JUN 2008 7:51:56

As I read the requests for info pre-Ustica I relized there are no documented records of pre-Ustica records for much of the families outside of going there. These are the ones and many more unrelated to me, who came to N.O and the U.S.A. I have been translating the Lipari records from the original micro film for over 18 years. My data base is growing and am willing to do a free search from my data for only the families who came from Ustica. I have many other family lines who may have married into the Ustica lines also. not quite finished but are extensive and translated from Italian and Latin. A big chore! And tests your sanity sometimes. There are some records that will never be avaialbe because of water damage and events on the islands! Some or not readable at all. Death records are few and give only first names back to Lipari and Salina 1562. ARE documented and comfirmed! I have copies of bapt. and marriages in my data base AND HARD COPIES. If I can help you along the way from Lipari and some Salina docs., send email to: Would be able to send you a copy of the original docs. for your information. Can not promise everyone will have records and docs. available because of circumstanes. Just give me time to get into the docs. Nichols

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