Ustica visited June 13-18

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Posted by Joe Caravella on 25 JUN 2008 5:0:50

We just returned from our general Sicily and more specifically Ustica visit. Nonetheless, it was a very moving experience. Chris Caravella's site was invalueable in preparing me so my family could get the most out of our visit and also touching base with our "il parenti e il genitori"

We arrived at the back dock with our two cars and nine people and were met by Ann from Profondo Blu (, a spectacular diving resort. A short five minutes later we were at our bi-locali (two apartments) on Contrada Oliastrada on the opposite side of the island. Ann and her husband were Paolo were outstanding hosts. The teenagers rented scooters and we went to many hidden coves as well as all of the other areas Chris details on this site.

Over the next few days Ann helped introduce me to Mr. Aiulara at Hotel Clelia one block off of Piazza Umberto I behind Bar Centrale.

Within hours I was meeting distant cousins and relatives from the Giuffria and Maggiore lines of my great grand parents, Giuseppe Giuffria and Concetta Maggiore.

The Panifico (bread maker) and Macelleria (butcher) each were surprises. We discovered more cousins over impromptu meetings and small talk with the local Usticesi!!!

We met more Giuffria's (close and distant) over the days near the Tramontona area and bumping into them at the piazza.

Everyone is related!!!

Chris, by the way, they know you are coming next month and everyone calls you the "Sindaco" (Mayor of Ustica)

The staff at the Stato Civile in the Ufficio Municpale were very gracious even though they were dealing with an election (even being open on a Saturday and Sunday)
Angelo Tranchina and Signora Natale were very gracious in allowing me to confirm some historical details about my ancestors.

Also, I learned that there were some Caravella's that fled Naples in the 1500 and 1600's to the Lipari Islands prior to the 1700's so it is possible my fathers lineage from the Region of Campania, Caserta Province may have ties to my mothers side of the family originally from Lipari and Filicudi.

Anyone who needs any info on logistics on Ustica I would be happy to help.

Joe Caravella, Tampa (No relation to Chris!)

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