Ustica overlain on map of New Orleans

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 13 AUG 2008 10:6:28

Type this URL in your browser's address bar to retrieve a map of Ustica overlain on a map of New Orleans. Scale 1" = 1200ft.
It gives a good sense of how tiny Ustica really is. The city of Ustica is less than half the size of the French Quarter (Vieux Carre). The entire island is just under two miles along the west-east axis. Ustica has a resident population of ~1300 which swells to ~6000 during the high holiday season in August. Ustica lies along the same latitude as St Louis, MO or Sacramento, CA but has a much more temperate climate due to the seas and the winds coming from Africa.

FYI, has a robust selection of mapping resources for Italy, though still not as much as the US version. It's a must for pre-planning a trip anywhere in Italy.

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