The Lord's Vineyard - Rev Christopher Russo Article - 1891

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Posted by Larie Tedesco on 28 NOV 2008 8:13:28

The Daily Picayune Lord's Vineyard Methodist Church Avenue, near the levee, for years known as the Lower Seamen's Bethel, was yesterday consecrated for the use of the first Italian Methodist Episcopal church, north, in this city. pastor of the parish, conducted a prayer and experience meeting, and at 11 o'clock he preached. opening with a hymn in Italian, which was followed by a prayer By Rev. Forman, of the Presbyterian Memorial Church, who congratulated the Italian Methodists of New Orleans upon their progress in the past and prayed for their success in the future. University; Rev. C. A Hyland, pastor of the Washington Square Presbyterian church, and Rev. John T. Sawyer, pastor of the Felicity Street Methodist church, south, delivered short addresses, lauding the church for its good work and wishing it continued success and Rev. W. P. McLaughlin, D. D., Presiding elder of the Louisiana mission of the church, north, told how, some two years ago, work had begun among the Italian clement and how the success of the mission, which was earnestly supported by Rev. Giambruno and Mr. Joseph Manguno, had led to the presentation of the cause to the general conference, which donated $400.00 and loaned $500 on easy terms. Subscriptions were numerous and generous, and the managers were enabled to purchase the lower bethel, which has been thoroughly repaired and furnished at a cost of $1,894.75. The congregation is as yet small, but the parishioners are all hard Methodist. delivered an address in Italian, and assisted the pastor, Rev. Giambruno, in the dedication ceremony, after which Rev. Pierre J. Robidoux dismissed the congregation with a benediction.

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