Rev. Christopher Russo Article - Mr. Russo Ordained - 1894

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Posted by Larie Tedesco on 28 NOV 2008 9:15:30

Mr. Russo Ordained to the Presbyterian Ministry church, corner of Felicity and Franklin streets, Rev. Ezekiel Forman, pastor, service of more than ordinary interesThe Daily Picayune
Page 6 an Italian citizen, who some time since abjured the faith of his fathers to become a convert to and worker in the Presbyterian religion, and who gathered together a score of his compatriots and formed a mission in the Italian language, which was attached to the Franklin Street church, was last night ordained an evangelist. presbytery. Drs. Palmer, Nall, Forman, Mallard, Watlron? and Elder Kelly. Church representatives: Biloxi, Wm. Henderson; Prytania church, John E. Rodd; Canal Street church, John L. Many; Bercan, John A. S. Perkins; Italian church, Elder Peter Rizzo; Carrollton, Elder Brothers. listened to the trial sermon of Mr. Russo. He choose for his text the eleventh chapter of Romans, and amplified on the exposition that justification was the very end for which man was made. Justification comes by faith through the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mr. Russo said that when he belonged to the "other church" he did not know how to reach God, but when he begain to read the bible he found his way. He found grace, and knew that grace and peace of mind were with God. trial of Mr. Russo, and that he be ordained in accordance with the accepted ritual of the Presbyterian Churh. and after he had answered the questions he knelt and the pastors placed their right hands on his head and Dr. Forman utterd the ordination prayer. When he arose as Rev. Russo each pastor gave him the right hand of fellowship. Rev. B. M. Palmer delivered the charge to the newly ordained minister and acquitted himself of that austere duty with that quiet and telling eloquence that has made his name the synonym of pulpit excellence throughout the southern states. Dr. Palmer's address closed the services. will take charge of the Italian mission, attached at present to the Franklin Street Church. He has twenty-four or twenty-five communicants, and it is a decided novelty to note the existence of a Presbyterian congregation holding services in Italian.

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