Rev. Christopher Russo Article - An Italian Mission - 1895

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Posted by Larie Tedesco on 28 NOV 2008 9:52:41

The Daily Picayune Mission who has identified himself in mission work among his own nationality, yesterday evening was to have, organized a new mission school at Third Presbyterian church. The hour set for the meeting, however, 6 o'clock, was found to be an unappropriate one, and there were few present. Mr. Russo was not discouraged in his efforts, and gave out that next Tuesday evening a 7 o'clock there would be another meeting. He hopes that this meeting will be better attended. for ten years been identified in mission work, having for several years been instruental in accomplishing a great deal in this way at his mission school on the corner of Euterpe and Franklin Streets. He says that he will strive to make the services very interesting for the children, and asks that their parents urge upon them to attend, as it will prove to their benefit, as well as their amusement.

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