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Posted by Chris Caravella on 18 OCT 2009 16:42:28

Ciao tutti, Center) has released 2 issues of Lettera and a special gift of a postcard with an August 23, 2009 postal cancellation commemorating the 130th anniversary of the San Bartolomeo Society in the US. The backlog was due to interruption from the publication of the Guide and changes in the administration of the newsletter. US members should receive theirs late next week. go to . Lettera Issue 27-28 features 3 articles in English, "Modern History of the Island of Ustica - The Years of Civic Maturity (1830-1840)", "Italian Grew Spigots" by US member Shirley Barbara Nichols and "Andy and Giorgio: A Homecoming after 100 Years", the experiences of a youth exchange program with excerpts by Andy Horton, son of US member Wendy Horton, and Fred Laurice, Andy's uncle and Manager of California Activity for the Centro Studi. Congratulations!, Shirley, Andy, Wendy and Fred on a great job representing the US faction of the Centro Studi. for Lettera Issue 27-28. Study and Documenation Center 2008 CENTRO STUDI Pre-History of the Island of Ustica and Giorgio: A Homecoming after 100 Years 43 Picone Salutayions of Massimo Caserta and Giuseppe Giacino An Example to Imitate
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Italians Grew Spigots

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