marriage index (1873-1901) from St Anthony Chapel

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 6 NOV 2009 10:23:15

The latest issue of the GRSNO quarterly, New Orleans Genesis, contains the marriage index (1873-1901) from St Anthony Chapel. St Anthony Chapel during these years was the Italian Parish headed by Rev Father Giacomo Manorita, and in this church stood the statue of San Bartolomeo, patron saint of Ustica. Needless to say, it was the primary place of worship for our community and the marriage index is chocked full of Usticesi surnames. It is a sparse index listing only the husband's last name, intial of his first name and page number from the four books representing this time period. Fortunately we have and I have been able to connect a majority of the relevant index entries to actual couples. At the Resource Page of the Ustica Genealogy Homepage is posted a table of the results. 243 of the total of 1,554 marriages may relate to people from Ustica. That's about 15% which matches the estimated percentage of Usticesi among the greater Italian-American population of New Orleans derived from the 1880 census (I have yet to publish this research). chooses to pursue the aquisition of a marriage register from the archdiocese, please send me a copy so that it can be incorporated into I have highlighted the critical marriages in yellow in the spreadsheet. These 49 couples are those whose lineage is unknown or in question, and the marriage register may help reconnect them to their families from Ustica. The entries highlighted in blue have no obvious connection to couples listed at There are 66 of those.

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