San Joseph celebration in Ustica !!!!

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Posted by Pietro Bertucci WWW.USTICASAPE.IT on 5 MAR 2010 9:56:50

Usticasape likes to inform the usticese Community in the world that on march 19 traditionally in Ustica will take place a religious and folkloristic celebration of San Giuseppe ,with usticesi that will play the role of S.Joseph ,virgin Mary and Jesus , followed by the faithful on the street of the island . In the street of Ustica on march 19 the fact will be reconstructed and relived like in the Books . The trio during the procession will be knocking on doors and will be denied shelter abruptly by people ...But the procession will end in Church where they will be welcomed open arms and invited to the famous San Joseph Table . The event will be illustrated also with fresh pictures of this year .

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