Western Usticesi Picnic - April 10th

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Posted by Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo on 30 MAR 2010 16:54:40

Western Usticesi Picnic

Saturday, April 10, 2010
11am to 4pm

Lafreniere Park
Metairie, La
Pavillion #4

About 30 of our cousins from the West Coast are coming to New Orleans for a family reunion and all of the Usticesi community are invited to join in the fun.   The Western Usticesi were organized in 2004 and they have a group event each year.   This year they've chosen New Orleans for their gathering and they are looking forward to meeting all of their Southern cousins.   They have a tradition of "passing the mike" so that everyone can tell their family history, rediscover family ties and share their experiences.

CSBA is organizing the food / drinks for the picnic and were asking that everyone bring a favorite Creole / Cajun / Italian dish so that our guests can get a true taste of New Orleans.   Click HERE for a list of suggested items and contributors so far.   Any help is welcome and you don't have to feed everyone (multiple of any item OK).   The list is just to help us get a well-rounded selection.   Please note that no glass is allowed in the park.   We're expecting from 60 - 100 people!   Remember to bring a chair too.

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