UGH version 2.0 has gone "live"

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Posted by CSBA on 1 DEC 2011 21:10:51

UGH version 2.0 has gone "live" the last update? Sorry for the slow state of things, however, a lot of progress has been made. The former homepage has been replaced and the new one contains some great new features, such as a dynamic statistics display and links to review changes made in the last year. Going "dynamic" is a huge technological leap for and means you will get new data as it is being entered AND you'll be able to interact with the data in new and exciting ways. I am almost caught up with the past year and half's backlog so there's plenty of new info to check out right now. (PS this would be a good time for folks who have requested family research or sent personal info to resend me that information. I promise I will get to it promptly.) a new option in the menu bar at the bottom of the UGH titled "myCSBA". This is the new CSBA Member Webspace and currently the Ancestor Chart application is in the final stages of testing. Please visit the webspace and tour the features of Ancestor Chart. CSBA members will be emailed their login credentials when we are ready to go live, hopefully, sometime before the end of the year. The CBSA Member Webspace will have some nice applications and we hope this will encourage more participation and support for the CSBA and Please don't let your membership lapse or you'll miss out on some exciting new stuff happening at If you're not a member yet, check out the details at the CSBA homepage. which has most of the historic New Orleans newspapers scanned and searchable. Wow! What an incredible resource! I can now do most of my genealogical research from home rather than trekking down to the library and fumbling with time-consuming microfilms. GenealogyBank is far from perfect and rather cumbersome to use, but still, being able to research from home at any time of the day or night with access to over a hundred years of newsprint is PRICELESS. Actually the cost is about $70 per year and the newspaper coverage spans the entire US. Well worth it for the type of research I do for Email me if you would like more details about what I like and dislike about the service.
next General Membership Meeting in March 2012. Details will be posted at the CSBA website and members will be notified by email.
Chris Caravella

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