RE: UGH version 2.0 has gone "live"

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Posted by Bill Principe on 2 DEC 2011 11:12:50

I think the new 2.0 Ustica board is great! Again, congratulations to Chris Caravella and to the entire Congregazione. genealogy page to membership in the Congregazione is the right thing? There are many of us who are not and probably will never be members of the Congregazione, including people in the outskirts of New Orleans, "western" usticesi in California, usticesi like me in Massachusetts, and even people on Ustica itself.
I joined the Congregazione about 10 years ago, but found that I really was too far away to "belong," so I did not renew my dues. the years I have done a great deal of work in Ustica genealogy, and submitted all my research to UGH for posting. And I feel strongly that I am a member of the usticese community. But I will now feel like a "junior" member because I will not have the same access to UGH as people in NO. that it takes a great deal of time, money and effort to maintain UGH, and I would like to be able to contribute as much as the next guy to gain the benefits. But as I said, St. Bartholemew's is not my parish and I will probably never be a full member of the Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo again. it do something to allow the usticese diaspora like myself to participate fully in this woderful web site. Perhaps an "associate," "non-resident," or "honorary" membership? PS: I posted this as a separate message because I was unable to post a response to the original message--some kind of bug in the message software, I think.

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