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Posted by Chris Caravella on 7 DEC 2012 13:54:7

This is the 4th CSBA president's message for 2012. A board meeting was held on Dec 5th to review yearly finances, plans for 2013 and the organizational state of the CSBA. took in $1902.00 for the feast day celebration and spent $2592.00 which is in line with what we were expecting. I don't have exact statistics on membership dues but we continue to maintain a more than adequate treasury for the types of expenditures that we currently have. At some point we would like to tackle longer range (and more expensive) projects like maintenance for the society tomb. I would like to remind members to check their status using the "View Profile" button at myCSBA (www.ustica.org/genealogy). You can pay online using PayPal from that site also. An automated accounting and e-mail reminder system is being programmed but is not yet complete. for the 2013 CSBA family picnic. It will be Saturday, April 6, 2013 at Lafreniere Park in Metairie. (Easter is March 31st and French Quarter Festival is April 11-13th). This is where we hosted the very successful 2010 picnic in conjunction with a visit by the Western Usticesi group. We hope this early notice will give our out-of-town members and friends an opportunity to make plans to attend. The board also decided to do an outreach mailing for the picnic much like we had done for the Bertucci and Palmisano family nights. Postcards will be mailed to local families bearing Usticesi surnames in the hope of sparking interest in our common heritage. Stay tuned for more details as the date approaches. the Ustica Memorial Fund. A total of $394.75 (less wiring fee) will be sent to the Centro Studi this month to cover the cost of the plaque to be installed at the piazza. Fred Laurice did a great job in organizing this. This type of project keeps the ties between our community and Ustica alive and well!
The bylaws were perhaps a bit ambitious in regards to turnover of board positions. In reality we just do not have enough membership and interest for a regular 3 year turnover of the board, and much of our membership is too geographically dispersed. In that regard, most current board members will stay on in their positions and we will actively recruit to fill a few spots. The bylaws still govern our society, so at any point any members may request that formal elections be held. And, of course, we will gladly accept any volunteers that wish to be more active in running the society. It has always been our intent to prevent a monopolization of the governance of this society and we will continue to abide by the bylaws as much as is possible. Holiday Season. Looking forward to seeing you all at the picnic. Save the date!!!! di San Bartolomeo Apostolo

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