CSBA picnic April 6th

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 1 MAR 2013 9:25:8

Usticese Family Picnic - 4:00 pm We've gotten notice from a few of our out-of-town members and friends that they will attend. And, Pietro and Pina Bertucci and Salvatore Compagno of Ustica will be in New Orleans to attend the picnic as well. the food / drinks for the picnic and were asking that everyone bring a favorite Creole / Cajun / Italian dish so that we can get a true taste of New Orleans. Any help is welcome and you don't have to feed everyone. Please note that no glass is allowed in the park and remember to bring a chair too. If our 2010 picnic serves as an example, we should expect from 60 - 100 people! Please send an email to csba@ustica.org with your contribution if you want to pitch in.

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