More picnic news and the Kenner Italian Heritage Festival

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 15 MAR 2013 11:51:48

About 200 postcard announcements for the April 6th CSBA picnic were mailed this week to members of the Bertucci and Compagno families living in the greater New Orleans area. This was done in honor of our guests from Ustica, Pietro & Pina Bertucci and Salvatore Compagno, who will surely be thrilled to meet their many cousins living here in the NO area. I love mailings like this. It meets a primary goal of the CSBA to reach out to our community and offer an opportunity to rediscover our common Usticese heritage. Even if the recipients never respond in person, they now have a postcard with our website and email addresses and they can pursue that rediscovery at whatever level of interaction suits them. Outreach, in that regard, is money well spent and a great example of annual membership dues put into action. It would have been great to invite all people with Usticesi surnames in the New Orleans area but that number would top 1,000 easily. The CSBA board will definitely review those costs in association with picnic attendance in order to determine if that is a feasible way to move forward with future functions without putting too much strain on society resources. I personally think it is doable and a great way to grow our society and continue to fulfill our mission. picnic also coincides with the Kenner Italian Heritage Festival The Festa will feature a performance by Lena Prima, daughter of Gia Maione and the late Louis Prima. Louis' mother, Angelina Caravella, was born in Ustica, so Lena is part of our community and she now lives and performs here in New Orleans Lena performs that same Saturday from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. And if cheering on one of our own is not enough, the Festa also hosts an extensive photographic exhibit of the Italian families of Kenner with prominent representation by the Maggiore, Palmisano and Cristina families. CSBA will be displaying the society banner at the exhibit and a few of us will be manning the exhibit on Sunday offering genealogical advice. What a great way to extend the weekend fun! Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo

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