CSBA President's Message - Farewell Party!

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 23 MAY 2013 9:12:53

This is the first CSBA president's message for 2013. will be hosting a farewell party for our visitors from Ustica on Tuesday, June 4 at 3pm from the community center in her subdivision in Mandeville, La. See map below for direction to The Gatehouse at The Lakes subdivision (red cross in upper right corner). The format is potluck so please bring a favorite dish to share. All are welcome to attend. our newest CSBA members - Emile Sartalamacchia (famiglia Saltalamacchia), Edward Martina (famiglia Mattina), Mary Stuart (famiglia Spano), Kathleen Johnson (famiglia Spano), Jimmy LaCava (famiglia LaCava) and Julie Parham (famiglia Genovese). Remember, CSBA members can run the Cousinator report to see how they are to our newest members, as well as all CSBA members. coding! CSBA members can now view, add, edit and comment on photos in the archive. Currently I have about 100 photos in the archive but this summer I will be sifting through 15 years of correspondence and incorporating any photos I have received into the archive. The archive has a versatile search engine which will aid in easily finding photos of interest. Please don't put every photo that you've ever taken or collected into the archive. You should just add a few representative photos of family members that you want to share and that others would be interested in seeing. If anyone would like help archiving their photos, please contact me and we'll make some arrangements. One of my biggest regrets is not having this ready while Marilyn Barbera was still living. She had an amazing collection of photos some dating back to the mid 1800's. Thankfully I am still in contact with her family members, so this is still a viable project for the future. These photos are our history and something I'll hope you will agree is worthwhile archiving and sharing. to make some video tutorials for some time and I've finally gotten around to it. There is now a new option in the menu at the bottom of the UGH titled "Help". Click on that to bring up a list of available tutorials. Currently there are only 3 available - two dealing with the Photo Archive and the third, a general overview of the UGH Family Charts. In time I will add more so that members can get the most out of the apps at the CSBA Member Webspace.
The 2013 Feast Day celebration will be on Sunday, August 25th. Planning has just begun but hopefully we can recreate last year's very successful celebration. Stay tuned for more details!

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