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Posted by Chris Caravella on 4 JUL 2013 14:13:11

This is the second CSBA President's message for 2013. date - August 25th! That Sunday will be the CSBA Feast Day celebration in honor of the patron saint of Ustica, San Bartolomeo Apostolo. As has been our tradition, we will meet as a body for Catholic mass and following mass, proceed to lunch in one of the neighborhood's fine restaurants. sent out in late July with all the details. Lunch has been booked at Redemption Restaurant again this year and plans (still tentative) are to have our singer from last year return as well. Redemption proved to be a great venue for the celebration. The restaurant is a just few blocks from the church and is itself set in a beautiful, old wood-frame church building. The dining area is large and open making it easy for everyone to enjoy the celebration together as a group. The event is open to everyone. CSBA members: Paul Rando (famiglia Rando) of LaPlace, LA of Camarillo, CA to see how they are related to our newest members, as well as all CSBA members. members to log in to their myCSBA accounts and check out the site. Lately my research has been focused on "sweeping" the historical Times-Picayune for death, marriage and birth notices of Usticesi descendants. In the past, I've relied on pre-compiled obituray indexes but I am finding that there are many more notices that never made it into any public indexes. The marriage and birth notices have never been available in an index. I've added over 300 new notices to Ustica.org in the past few months spanning the years 1944 - 1955, and am working backwards from their. Use the Change Reports at Ustica.org for a quick view of what has been added recently.

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