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Posted by Chris Caravella on 31 JAN 2014 14:29:22

This is the first CSBA President's message for 2014. Happy New year! Buon Anno! 2014 to review finances for 2013 and discuss upcoming events. As promised, our financial report .... In 2013 we took in $5,327.00 and spent $3806.21 leaving a year-end balance of $4,872.99. This is a healthy balance for supporting current CSBA activities. We spent approximately $300 for the picnic in May which included rental fee and the cost of mailing invites. We spent about $700 in support of the feast day celebration. The yearly website fee was $107.88. be a party to be held Saturday, February 15th in honor of some guests from Ustica who will be in town for Mardi Gras. Pietro Bertucci, his wife, Bartola, and his sister Lydia will be staying with CSBA member, Maria Compagno (This is a different Pietro Bertucci than last year's, in case you hadn't figure that out-- and this Pietro also speaks English). The meet and greet will be a pot luck and will be held at the party room of the Fleur Du Lac Condominiums, 400 Metairie-Hammond Hwy, Metairie, LA (home of members Chris and Liz Bertucci) from 12:30pm till 3:30pm. An empty lot behind the building is available for parking (please park diagonally so everyone can fit). Parking is prohibited on the levee road. Please drop by and bring a favorite dish so we can give our guests a taste of New Orleans! All are welcome! have an open house for the Endymion parade on Saturday, March 1st. We'll provide shelter, food, drink, bathrooms and a spot on the parade route, if you are willing to brave the crowds and find your own parking spot in the neighborhood. The parade starts at 4:30pm but you should consider arriving as early as 2pm. CSBA member, JoEva Flettrich lives just down the street directly on the route, so it's likely that our guests from Ustica will be camped out there and stopping by our house for a visit. All are welcome! newsletter, The Ustica Connection, is now available at the CSBA website (www.ustica.org/san_bartolomeo/catalog.htm). This article is an interesting study of Italian first names and the often bizarre way they get represented here in the US. Like Issue 12, it was written for a broader genealogical audience but deals specifically with the Usticesi community in the US. last week of June / first week of July will be one of those rare occasions where there will be a lot of visitors from the US on the Island. Maria Compagno will be there with her grandsons and a group from California will also be there. I'm also planning on making the trip at that time. The big advantage is that there will be a lot of activities scheduled specifically for the US crowd and it's always nice to be there with friends and fellow English-speakers. Do keep it in mind if you've been yearning to make the trip and have been just waiting for the right time to go. More info to follow as plans develop. Hope to see many of you on the 15th! Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo

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