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Posted by Wendy D Mancuso on 23 MAR 2014 12:25:7

Hi All, Usticesi passages and connected each of the passengers with their descendants? last name on the first ship passage is D. Mancuso, age 17, my great-grandfather.
there it looks like there are two Sciacchitanos on that passage. The 1880 census gives an age that matches the great-great grandfather as the younger of the two Sciacchitanos on board )and a year younger than his son-in-law?! ) Also matches the only unmarried Antonino Sciacchitano on the genealogy page. Am I missing something on the 27 year old? Any thoughts anyone? our written history we know, Mancuso great-grandfather came first and Sciacchitano came second, married Irish immigrant Margeret Smyth, had seven children, and 17 years later Mancuso married their daughter, Marguerite Sciacchitano in San Jose or San Francisco. (typo on genealogy page, marriage year listed is 3 years before Marguerite was born, should be about 1882) I'm not sure if the difficulty of spelling the last name is the reason but only two of the seven Sciacchitano children are listed on genealogy page. How long would ocean passage take on a ship like that? question, I was curious about whether either of my two relatives served in the civil war here and saw names that match on the document posted on this website. Is there more information so I could identify/estimate whether these two are my relatives? used to have a family reunion each year on the March 29th birthday anniversary of Marguerite. There are only two of their grandchildren still alive and we stopped the big gathering in about '93. Some of the second cousins are still in contact and will get together this Saturday in Concord, CA so these are questions they might ask. anyone.

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