Related by blood to Antonio Sidoti (1852-1914)?

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Posted by Sherry Rosso on 17 JUN 2014 16:57:1

Hello, I wonder if you can help me. Sidoti purchased a crypt in St. Vincent de Paul #2 cemetery for my grandfather, Valentino J. Rosso, who passed away that March 28. preparing my own burial instructions but was informed this morning by Lakelawn Metairie (manager of St. Vincent Cemetery) that I would need to either (A) prove I'm related by blood to Mr. Sidoti (the owner of the crypt); or (B) produce the original crypt deed -- in order to have the right to be interred there with my grandfather. blood relatives of my grandfather. Also, the deed may have been passed down with legal papers in the Sidoti family. I would be deeply grateful for any assistance, as I have planned my entire life to be buried in the Rosso crypt. small coincidence that Antonio Sidoti had a granddaughter named Valentin, so perhaps the families were simply close friends. thank you. Sherry Rosso

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