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Posted by Karen Lively Duffy on 24 JUN 2014 11:57:15

Under Emanuel A. - His daughter Vilma M. Palmisano Lively died on 6/26/2013. She left behind three children. Karen Lively Duffy born 12/5/1954, Kim Lively Wakefield born 10/15/1956 and Kenneth Gerard Lively born 12/5/1958. Karen Lively Duffy had two sons Jonathan Christian Duffy born 11/6/1981 and Joshua Ryan Duffy born 7/4/1984. Kim Lively Wakefield had two children Heather Maureen Wakefield who has one child Damien Cargal and Brandi Wakefield Williams who had two children Riley Williams and Avery Williams. That is all I have for you at this time. If you need to contact me email me @ I hope this information helps in keeping our family history line going.

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