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Posted by Sherry Rosso on 5 AUG 2014 8:14:46

Dear Chris Caravella, it was amazing to learn from you about my Step GGGrandfather -- whose existence I knew nothing about. I am starting a claim to the New Orleans court so that I can be buried in my family tomb. I will need to show my relationship to my Step GGGrandfather. can you please give me a copy or link to my family tree? (Antonio Sidoti plus the Rosso's). this is of utmost importance to me and i would be very grateful. thank you! Sherry Rosso. (p.s., to refresh your memory, you sent me the following on June 27: "Sherry, you are the 2nd great step-grandchild of Anotnio Sidoti. His wife Rosalia Porretto is your 2nd great grandmother by her first marriage to Gaetano Longo. Marianna Longo, the wife of Angelo Rosso, was their daughter. Antonio Sidoti and Rosalia Porretto never had any children of their own."

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