Giuseppa (Josephine) Nicotra From Ustica to New Orleans

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Posted by Phillip Cuccia on 3 FEB 2016 16:9:44

What a great Site Chris!! I knew that my great-grandmother Giuseppa (Josephine) Nicotra came from Ustica and moved to New Orleans where she married my great-grandfather Gaspare Cuccia in 1889. Her parents were Salvatore Nicotra and Nunziata Lauricella. Giuseppa's tomb stone in Port Arthur, Texas has her being born (about) 1870. She is not listed on the Salvatore Nicotra - Nunziata Lauricella family chart but there is a Giuseppe listed that was born November 30 1869. Do you or anybody else have access to the original Stato Civile Di Ustica Birth Record #54. I bet that Giuseppe is probably Giuseppa because it would fit the naming convention. In the family group he is the first son but Giuseppe is not the name of Salvatore's father nor Nunziata's father (although there are enough years after the marriage for two sons to be born). Also Giuseppa is the name of Nunziata's mother and the second daughter listed is not Giuseppa in that group. Can anybody with access to the original record give it another look to see if that is really the missing Giuseppa Nicotra? That would also explain why there is no more information on Giuseppe as the rest of the family immigrated to New Orleans. AGAIN, This is a great site and helped me find out much more about my Nicotra and Lauricella family so THANKS for all the work on this site!!

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