DeSimone Bonanno Licciardi

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Posted by Gary Miller on 26 APR 2004 21:41:06

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Well after 10 years of research and staring at this Ustica website countless time sure that I was in the right place, the pieces finally came together.

My gggrandmother's family is listed:
Onofrio (b. abt 1802, d. 12-MAR-1845)
m. 24-NOV-1828 Caterina Ailara

Their son (my ggg grandfather):
Giuseppe DiSimone b. 1882 New Orleans)
m. 29-AUG-1850 Maria Concetta Licciardi

T heir children:
Caterina (b. abt 1849, d. 04-MAR-1850)
Maria (b. 20-OCT-1850)
Caterina (b. 13-JUN-1853)
Antonino (b. 10-AUG-1857)
Vittorio Emmanuele (b. 16-SEP-1860, d. 29-DEC-1861)
Vittorio Emmanuele (b. 12-FEB-1862)
Felicia Florence (1869-1930) not listed on the website

Looking forward to learning more. Please e-mail for more information on the family fro m the 1860's forward. Before that most of my information is limited to what is posted on this website.

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