CSBA tomb status

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 7 FEB 2017 19:37:20

In December 2016, two meetings on cemetery tomb preservation and usage rights were hosted by the AI Cultural Center and Emily Ford, owner of Oak and Laurel Cemetery Preservation, LLC. Emily was instrumental in guiding the Termini Imerese Society in acquiring ownership and burial rights for their long-abandoned tomb in Metairie Cemetery, and in doing a top-notch renovation of the tomb. CSBA does not possess the deed for our tomb and any copies of it were probably lost to Katrina. A meeting will be scheduled with the cemetery owners to review what documents they may have, and from there we will be able to determine if we need to take any action to secure clear rights to use the tomb. The last burial in the tomb was in 1963. Emily has also done an inspection on the condition of the CSBA tomb. Overall it is in pretty good shape for a 135 year old structure. The portland cement roof does have some cracks (with plants growing in them) which is allowing water inside and causing black mold to grow at the base. The paint should never have been applied in the first place and it's probably best that we just let it flake off by itself naturally. (Photos are posted at the website www.ustica.org/san_bartolomeo/tomb_state2016.htm). Our goal is to have clear rights should any member wish to buried in the tomb and to have the tomb repaired and possibly put under a regular maintenance schedule. I'll report back on this as progress is made.

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