CSBA Events for 2017

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 8 FEB 2017 8:40:38

Here's a list of planned and proposed events that were discussed at our last Board meeting held on Feb 6, 2017. for 2017 and in lieu of that, we're going to organize a spaghetti dinner at the Bocce Club sometime in March or April. We're happy to partner with the Bocce Club to help promote the sport and increase participation in our community. If this works out well we may try to have another later in the year. A picnic hasn't been ruled out for 2017 and other locations and times are being investigated.
to have this again at Ralph's in the Park. This turned out to be a great venue but space is limited and we were easily at capacity last year. Please be prepared when notices go out in early July. We expect a full house again. Also under consideration is an All Souls Day "picnic" at the society tomb, probably the weekend before Nov 1st. We did this in 2009 (photos at www.ustica.org/san_bartolomeo/San-Bartolomeo-Tomb-1-Nov-2009/index.html). This is an old New Orleans tradition that we would like to become a regular event for the society. "technology" meetings to help members get the most out of the website and to generally aid with family research and documentation. These would also be accompanied by video demos posted at the website for our out-of-town members. Efforts like this are hampered by the lack of meeting places that meet all our needs. Hopefully we'll find a good home for this and having these events will become more routine.
1-2, as we have done for the past several years. We work in the genealogy section (spearheaded by Sal Serio of the Jefferson Parish Library) and I have always been impressed by the number of Usticesi descendants that I meet at the festa. Advances in what is available on-line have made this a very popular feature at the festa. involved in St Joseph Day events. I'd love to see us participate in either the IA Marching Club parade or the Jefferson Parish parade. I'm not sure how well we'd be received since we represent a very specific part of the Italian American community. This may better be approached by teaming up with the other community-specific IA organizations, namely the Contessa Entellina Society, the Cefalutana Society, the Santa Rosalia Society and others that are working to resurrect themselves like the Termine Imerese society. Tony Pittari and I participate in a weekly Italian Language Group. Though this isn't a CSBA event, the group is always open to those eager to learn at any level. It's a great way to augment formal classroom training and there is no cost involved other than occasionally pitching in a bottle of wine (helps the learning process). Send me an email if interested. get done is all about time and resources. We certainly want to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and we will definitely reach out to our community for help in expanding what we can get accomplished. Please let us know if anyone has any special skills or contacts that can help with these efforts.

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