Bertucci/Ingargiola 1860's Arrival in New Orleans (RE:Stanley Najolia)

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 06 MAY 2004 07:00:52

Hi Stanley:Christopher was not found as a passenger before or after the Civil War. Finding a sailor who worked on a ship may be impossible because there are no records of crew members on the ships' passenger lists.The records that I researched have "passengers" listed with their age and occupation. There were many occupations on each ship list. The only exception was the 1860 shipload of you ng men whose occupations were listed as "Mariners" which was probably not true,but was a clever way for them to escape from being forced to fight against their principals.C. Ignargiola, a sailor, was not found as a passenger on the Sicilian Bark Elizabetta, that annually (in the spring) brought to N.O. all passengers from Ustica that embarked in Palermo. He is not on this ship that arrived in N ew Orleans on Feb 24, 1860, and again on Mar. 7, 1861 prior to the N.O. Port being closed for "passenger" ships. If the written account that I saw is true i.e. that his (future) son-in-law), Andrew Naj olia married to his (future) daughter, Conchetta, worked on an English ship, it is possible that he sailed on commercial vessels, possibly English, in and out of the Port of N.O. during the Civil War. Ships carrying supplies were allowed in the port. Only passenger ships were not allowed. On microfilm in the library, you can see the ships arriving in N.O. during the war and instead of lists of pa ssengers, you will see lists of cargo that they are carrying. The story that I heard of how Anna arrived is somewhat different. She and Christopher's sister, Franchesca decided to surprise their husbands who were in New Orleans. (Franchesca's husband, Antonino Gumina, was a sailor also and at the time was in New Orleans.) They came together, however, I have not found them on passenger ships arriv ing from 1866 to 1872. In the fall I hope to look at the ship lists again at the library. If you are interested and live in the New Orleans Area, the ship lists are on microfilm at the Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish libraries. With reference to your question about Anna's brothers, Giuseppe, Francesco and Antonino (my grandfather), arrived on April 1, 1867 on the Italian Brig Catarina carrying 103 Usticesi. Among other passengers on the ship were Christopher's brother Antonino Ingargiola, age 30 and his wife, Nunziata, age 30 with a suckling male. On the same ship there was another Ignargi ola family that is unknown to me: Margherita Ingargiola, age 34, Giuseppa, age 10, Antonino, age 7, Rosalia, age 5, Giovanna, age 3, and Rosa, age 2.On the same day, another ship, the Giovanni Battista, arrived in New Orleans with 8 passengers, one of which I assume was the 4th brother of Anna, Domenico Bertucci. In a few months, Francesco and Domenico died of Yellow fever. The 4 boys lived wit h Anna and Christopher Ingargiola and were expecting their mother to relocate here. Tentative notes that I hope to verify (when I find the copies of the death certificates) shows them living on the cor ner of Melpomene and Dryades St. According to the records their Bertucci father, Antonino, died in 1857.I found the death records signed by Christopher in a Baton Rouge library about 8 yrs. ago. Our relatives who had much of the information and are now deceased were Francis Omner (Gumina) daugher of Rose (oldest daugher of Anna) and Florence Najolia Hostler, daughter of Conchetta,(daughter of A nna) and Andrew Najolia,(both of her parents were Najolia's) Their grandmother Anna lived with her daughter Rose and Rose's daughter Francis Omner Scoles, on Pine and Jeanette Sts. She had an important date written down (Nov. 20, 1868),but couldn't remember what happened on that date. If you find anything corresponding to that date let me know. My grandfather Antonino, named 2 of his sons after h is 2 brothers who died. They were Domenick (Domenico) Bertucci married to Anna Manfre (Mumphrey) and Frank (Francesco) Bertucci married to Mary Manfre (Mumphrey).
I apologize for the confusing prev ious message. I realized later that I probably misled readers of my account of Anna Bertucci and Christopher Ingargiola by linking the boys coming to New Orleans prior to the Civil war with them. I agree with you, its logical that Anna came right after the civil war. There must be some explanation why she and her sister-in-law Francesca are not listed on the list of passengers that I researched. We can only speculate if they are not found after re-researching the ship lists. It may be that they came on a commercial vessel rather than a passenger vessel because they were married to sailors, and were not listed as passengers. Was this the time when fruit was imported from Sicily? Hope this answers your questions.

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